Environmental Symposium

Environmental and Natural Resource Symposium

The main goal for this symposium is to engage OWU students, faculty and staff, and Central Ohio residents in current water issues with a special focus on how water relates to economics and the environment. We are excited to bring three distinguished speakers to this year’s event. George Elmaraghy, Division Chief of Surface Water at the Ohio EPA, will speak about pressing water issues in the state of Ohio such as algal blooms in area water bodies. Nicholas Flores, Professor and Department Chair of Economics and the University of Colorado, will talk about economic issues related to ground water and how public policy can affect the efficiency of water usage. Douglas Southgate, Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics and Associate Director of the Subsurface Energy Resource Center (SERC), will speak about water issues related to the accelerated oil and gas development in Ohio.

02/19/2013 George Elmaraghy, P.E.
Chief, Division of Surface Water, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Nicholas Flores, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics and Department Chair
Faculty Research Associate, Institute of Behavioral Economics
University of Colorado Boulder
Douglas Southgate, Ph.D.
Professor, Associate Director of the Subsurface Energy Resource Center (SERC)
Ohio State University