Heisler Business Ethics

Heisler Business Ethics Lecture Series

Ohio Wesleyan’s annual Heisler Business Ethics Lecture is sponsored by the university’s Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship and funded by the Heisler Family Endowment for the Study of Ethics. The endowment honors OWU graduates James Heisler, Class of 1938; Robert Heisler, Class of 1942; and Bruce Heisler, Class of 1949. The Woltemade Center, founded in 1985, helps students to integrate business theory and practice, and provides lectures and other resources to benefit students, faculty, and the local community.

02/18/2003 Business Ethics after Enron”
Charles M. Berger
Retired Chairman and CEO of Scotts Company in Marysville, Ohio
Woltemade Center’s first Executive-in-Residence
Phillip Meek ’59
Retired Senior Vice President and President of the Publishing Group of Capital Cities/ABC
OWU Trustee
Paul Smith ’57
Retired Chief Financial Officer of the Eastman Kodak Company
OWU Trustee
1/22/2004 W.G. Jurgensen, CEO
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
“Restoring Trust in Corporate America
04/05/2005 Michael J. Gasser
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Greif, Inc.
“Looking in the Mirror: Reflections on Business Ethics in the 21st Century”
04/12/2006 Jeffrey T. Benton
President and CEO of The Delaware County Bank and Trust Company
“Strong Ethics: The Only Way for a Business to Survive and Prosper in the Long Run”
04/05/2007 “Leadership and Ethical Behavior”
Roy Lewicki
Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of Management and Human Resources at The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business
Nancy King
Executive VP for Senior Independence
Michael Mozenter
Principle founder of BizLogx, Business Consultant
04/07/2008 Artie Isaac
Founder of Young Isaac, Inc.
Adjunct Instructor at OSU’s Fisher College of Business
“Shop Talk: The Ethics of Speech in Business
03/31/2009 Mark L. Morze
The Pros and The Cons Lecturer
Recent Major Frauds and Business Oversight?”
10/26/2009 Curtis E. Moll ’61
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MTD Products Inc.
Ethical Conduct is Not Gray”
01/27/2011 Branch B. Rickey ’67
President of the Pacific Coast League
More than Sport: The Branch Rickey-Jackie Robinson Legacy”
03/22/2012 Frederick A. Manske ’61
Retired President and CEO of Purolator Courier; former Executive Vice President of Federal Express
“Core Strategy for Personal Success – How to Lead in a Dog-Eat-Dog World”
03/17/2013 Susan Willeke
Education and Communications Manager Ohio Ethics Commission
“The Ohio Ethics Law: can I Do That?”